FHU Performance

Ready, Set, GO! Performance Programs



For ages 8-11. This program provides the basics of proper movement in a developmentally appropriate atmosphere.  Skills in jumping, landing, acceleration, deceleration, and multi directional movement are taught in a fun atmosphere. The basics of strength training movements are taught to prevent injury and develop the complete athlete.  Each session, the skills are taught, then put in a game like situation that will emphasize the skills worked on that day.

Training provided at 4:00 pm.

Classes are six weeks in length offered 2 times per week at $180 per 6 week class.


This is our middle school athletic performance class. All skills of athletic movement, i.e. speed, agility, quickness, reaction time, coordination, strength, and power are taught. In this class, a mix of basic weight training techniques are also taught to give the athlete a good, safe start in their weight training process. Athletes will be assessed in speed, acceleration, power, and agility to give them a taste of what they will see in team tryouts.

Training provided at 5:00 pm.

Classes are six weeks in length offered 2 times per week at $180 per 6 week class.

GO! Strength

The GO! Strength program is a strength training class for high school age athletes. In this class, strength training and the major lifts in lifting are taught so that the athlete can develop an increase in strength. Proper programming based on a careful evaluation process will provide the HS athlete an opportunity to progress while preventing injury.

Individual = $75/session

2 Athletes = $50 each/session

3 – 6 Athletes = $30 each/session


GO! Speed & Agility

The GO! Speed and Agility class offers advanced speed and agility training for high school age athletes. This class will emphasize the techniques of 1st step explosion, acceleration, deceleration, and top speed development. Advanced techniques of change of direction will be taught in a programmed and reactionary method to increase the athlete’s athletic ability in a game setting.

Training provided at 6:00 pm.

Classes are six weeks in length offered 2 times per week at $180 per 6 week class.

Saturday morning training available at $100/month.

GO! Power

This class is offered to high school age athletes who are planning to continue their athletic careers in college. Strength training will be offered in traditional lifts as well as the Olympic lifts that are used in a college strength and conditioning setting. Added to this class will be a conditioning component that will be customized for their sport.

Training provided at 7:00 pm.

Classes are six weeks in length offered 2 times per week at $180 per 6 week class.

College Athlete

College athletes have unique needs based on their sport.  We will work closely with the college strength and conditioning coaches to ensure that the athlete follows the programs that are given to them when they are away from school.

This program is only available during the summer for $500 for 8 week program that includes strength and speed & agility. 


Elite Athlete

Our experience working with professional and elite level athletes will make us a home destination for training of athletes from a variety of sports. Our customized and periodized off season programs will keep them resilient to injury and give them the ability to be at peak performance when they need to be.

Please contact Fitness Quest for pricing. 

Ready, Set, GO! Team Training

Team training will be customized within the Ready Set GO! Based on the needs of the specific team and sport.  We will work with the coaches to customize a program based on the specific needs of the team as a whole.

$150 per 1 hour customized session, scheduled as needed. 

Ready, Set, GO! Specific Training

Fitness Quest is now offering specific training to our athletes that play a unique position.  Whether it be a goalkeeper in soccer, a baseball pitcher, or a football kicker, we can provide the training to address the specific physical needs of these athletes.  This is not sport skill training, but training that will provide the tools to excel!  Our coaches will perform a thorough assessment of the movement and conditioning demands of the athlete and a customized training plan will be put in place. Visit us at join.fitnessquest.com.


Training Staff

What sets Fitness Quest Performance training apart?

Our performance division is lead by Tim Vagen, MS, CSCS, FMS, CSPS and Tim has developed a team of some of the highest trained and certified speed, agility, and quickness coaches in the country.

Nathan Schumacher has been personally trained by Lee Taft, an internationally acclaimed  athletic movement coach and educator.


Tim is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who is the founder and owner of Unlimited Athlete, a Kent, WA athletic development company. He has 40 years of clinical, field, and teaching experience helping athletes, trainers, and Physical Therapists to be better educated in movement skills. His work/clients include: NFL, CFL, LPGA, MLB, soccer clubs, elite swimmers and Gymnasts, Seattle S.W.A.T., U.S. Secret Service, and was a consultant to the U.S. Eagles Rugby team. Tim’s programs have produced 17 Olympic Medals, Multiple World Records, US National Figure skating champions, multiple US national Swim Champions, a US Open Tennis Champion, and many state champion high school athletes.

Tim has had numerous appearances on television and radio broadcasts regarding strength training and movement and is a highly sought after international speaker and writer. Tim is also the Program Director for the nationally acclaimed Highline College Personal Fitness Trainer Program.  He also has his Master’s Degree in Geriatric Kinesiology and has been a strength and conditioning consultant to 5 foreign Olympic Committees.


CSCS= Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

FMS = Certified Functional Movement Specialist

CSPS = Certified Special Populations Specialist


You can expect that your athlete will train in a safe, fun environment that is goal driven. We set an environment for success. Each of the classes will have attentive coaches who will provide detailed feedback for your athlete. They will be tired, but no exhausted. Classes are developmentally appropriate based on a Long-Term Athletic Development Model. We will also teach the athlete proper training methods of warm up, movement prep, and cool down.

Bring a water bottle, athletic clothing, and sneakers. No cleats!

The youth program is ok to come in to try. The other programs are based on assessments and evaluations so dropping in to try is not an option. You can observe any class that you would like.

Our programs are developmental in nature and research shows us that the athlete under 12 years old can learn about strength training, but typically do not have the maturity to participate in a formal strength training program. It is developmentally inappropriate for them to strength train as well.

While we can give general advice on college recruiting, we cannot offer specific recruiting advice.

Typically, there will be no more than 15 athletes per coach in group classes. Strength work will have a maximum 6:1 athlete to coach ratio to maintain great quality.

Our programs are based on a developmental model. This model not only looks at physical or skill development but emotional/psychological development as well. Skills will be taught with various advancements and scaling so that they will be appropriate for all skill levels.

No. Due to the demands of proper safe coaching, our strength classes are offered at no greater than a 6:1 athlete to coach ratio.